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Conference Themes

This conference will consist of a mix of technical presentations and roundtable discussions.  The program will be determined by the organizing committee based on the submissions received.  

Exploration Science and Technology

​Topics could include:

  • Remote sensing

  • Contact sensing

  • Assay and analysis

  • Search for life

  • Search for new resources

  • Resource definition and delineation

  • Deep drilling

  • Hazard mitigation

Resource Extraction and Utilization

​Topics could include:

  • Rovers and rover payloads

  • Navigation and guidance

  • Regolith processing

  • Mine planning

  • Production planning

  • Mining support and logistics

  • Mining at depth

  • Life support in a mine

  • Ground support


​Topics could include:

  • Property rights

  • Human habitat

  • Funding processes

  • Commercial missions in space

  • Tax incentives

  • Technology Diffusion opportunities

  • Mine development

  • Tourism

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