Conference Themes: The New Frontiers of Mining

The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan recognizes the need for increased collaboration between Canada's mining and space industries. Both industries are seeking to expand their capabilities to adopt new technology and expertise through access to new applications across various industrial sectors. Space resource utilization may create new opportunities for the mining and space industries through the advancement of mutually beneficial technology development and adoption to solve common challenges throughout the mineral development cycle, on Earth and in space.

Visit to download the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan and Action Plan 2020.

Given the rapidly increasing interest in the characterization, extraction, and utilization of resources in space, the Moon, Mars, and asteroids from space agencies around the globe and the private sector, as well as the need for the mining and other extractive industries to innovate in current and new frontiers, this meeting will provide a unique and timely forum for discussion and networking.
This conference will bring together world experts from space agencies, research organizations, academia, the mining supply chain, the general extractive industry, equipment manufacturers, private enterprise, and financial and legal experts to present innovative approaches in space resource characterization, technology development, public and private partnerships, capability and regulatory regimes. 

The meeting will consist of technical presentations and roundtable discussions on topics such as:

*  The Moon: Enabling a sustainable presence
*  Mars: Identifying and extracting valuable resources
*  Asteroids: Sampling and Utilization
*  Space Manufacturing and Construction: Taking advantage of the space environment and        planetary materials

*  Building the Infrastructure: Supplying power, communications, transportation and life support
*  Space Commerce, Policy and Legal issues, and International Efforts: A multi-dimensional    endeavor 

New this year, there will be business to business meeting opportunities with leaders in the mining sector


The program will be determined by the organizing committee based on the submissions received.

Visit to download the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan and Action Plan 2020.


​Topics could include:

  • Remote sensing

  • Contact sensing

  • Assay and analysis

  • Search for life

  • Search for new resources

  • Resource definition and delineation

  • Deep drilling

  • Hazard mitigation


​Topics could include:

  • Rovers and rover payloads

  • Navigation and guidance

  • Regolith processing

  • Mine planning

  • Mining support and logistics

  • Life support in a mine

  • Ground support
  • Life cycle, maintenance and repair

​Topics could include:

  • Property rights

  • Regulatory regimes

  • Human habitat

  • Funding processes

  • Commercial missions in space

  • Tax incentives

  • Mine development

  • Tourism


​Topics could include:

  • Technology diffusion

  • Leveraging technology/capabiliites from other sectors

  • Potential collaboration

  • Opportunities for improvement in efficiencies, costs, worker health and safety

  • Shared challenges and solutions: ex remote and autonomous operations, extreme environments (Arctic and space)